Jack Johnson

Managing Director / Owner

After his first taste of the real estate industry as a Sales Negotiator in Cornwall, it wasn’t long before Jack realised he had met his passion. Young and eager to throw himself into the deep, in 2009 he relocated to busy central London to pursue his career.

For the decade that came, Jack worked mostly in Mayfair, Marylebone, and Knightsbridge where he dedicated his time too closely studying the finer details of the property market. It was there, in later years, that he spotted a trend. Londoners were beginning to expand their property investment to Hertfordshire and Essex in search of better value for their money. 

Of those wanting to move included many of his clients. With this Jack saw an opportunity. He could challenge himself to a new location and, this time around, start his own business. Within less than a year his idea had come to life; Hertfordshire & Essex’s premium property consultancy, Johnson & Co.

From its founding, Jack knew that he wanted the company to pave the way for real estate. He couldn’t just set up shop, he had to make Johnson & Co an example of change. With this desire came the establishment of a bespoke and discreet service that would focus almost entirely on client care. It’s a personable approach and one that Jack is proudly leading into the next decade of real estate.

Contact: 01992 364005 | jj@johnsonandcoestates.co.uk