Jonathan Singer-Wilson

Lettings & Management Director

Coming out of Winchmore Hill in North London, Jonathan is no average Joe. Having been in property from the age of 18, Jonathan has always loved the Real Estate industry and his persona shows just that.

In early years, Jonathan would focus on his sporting background coaching people to become the next Roger Federer in the tropical realms of Phuket, Thailand; not to mention coaching tennis to youths back in the UK.

Realising his qualities as a motivational and organisational leader, Jonathan made a swift transition to the property world and has never looked back since. Starting out as a Lettings negotiator, soaking up everything there was to know about the industry, he then naturally progressed to management. Having excelled at management proving all of his qualities true, it was only right for him to keep climbing the ladder…

Now he joins Johnson & Co Estates as our Lettings & Management Director to bring his expertise and leadership qualities to our ever growing team. With his strong negotiation skills, winning mentality and having the in-depth understanding that he does of the London property market and what influences its success, Jonathan is excited to be ensuring top performance within the Hertfordshire and Essex markets.