Our Story

To lessen the intimidating nature of real estate, Johnson & Co was established to provide a discreet and bespoke consultancy experience that helps people understand the industry and achieve their property ambitions. 

Jack Johnson, our founder & Managing Director, originally encountered his passion for real estate in Cornwall. But it wasn’t long after getting a taste of working in the industry that he relocated to central London to pursue a career in real estate.

Over a decade of closely observing the industry and building client relationships, Jack quickly noticed an increasing demand for property in Hertfordshire and Essex. People were wanting more value from their money and this was the place to find it.

Which brings us to Johnson & Co’s establishment here in Hertford. 

Situated in The Townhouse, our premium property consultancy invites you to a real estate experience like no other. At Johnson & Co, we are personable, discreet, and provide tailored assistance that makes the entire process that much smoother.

Devoted to client care, we also understand that stress and the emotional impacts of real estate are not entirely escapable. Which is why it was particularly important when forming the team that we chose professionals who carried integrity and compassion. 

There you have it, our story. From beginning to end, it’s always been about the client and that focus will always remain firmly planted in our mission. 


From marketing and sales to our off-market portfolio, our approach will always include discretion. For us, this means all decision-making must be thoughtful, considerate of client needs, and maintain privacy.

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By removing the corporate atmosphere from property consultancy, we’ve created a more personable experience. But it’s only with the empathy and compassion of our team that we are able to provide this welcoming environment.

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We’re refreshingly honest. We give clients the facts and we deliver them in English too - not the jargon you hear from ordinary real estate agents. By maintaining this clarity in our communication it will ease client confusion and help us build trusting relationships.